Beat the Game – Top Craps Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Craps is regarded as one of the famous casino game that allows players to win big instantly as it is entirely based on luck. Craps is one of the classic casino game that is based on dice or rolling a set of dice. When we define the game of Craps in simple words, it can be said that place the bet, roll the dice and win the game, and in reality it is all that you have to do, however it is really important that you should also follow all the set of instructions as well if you are really willing to win the game of Craps.

Craps Tips, Tricks and Strategies

If you are willing to win the game of Craps all you have to do is to implement different strategies at the right time, however most of the Craps strategies are based on the bet type, and this is because you can’t control the number on dice, as you will get the numbers based upon your luck, however you can predict the number, and this is the thing what you have to do in the game of craps. Following are some of the useful Craps tips, tricks, and strategies that would help you to win big.

House edge

One of the best things that Craps has to offer you is that minimum house edge, however, it is important that your strategy is right, else it would result in an increment of house edge. More the house edge more you will have a chance of losing and vice versa.

Winning strategy

It is really very important for you to create a craps strategy that is more focused towards winning. It means that your craps strategy should be defined in the way that it gives you bigger odds of winning the game.

Start with small stakes

Never begin the game of Craps or the very first game with higher stakes, and this is because until that point you are not properly settled on the table, therefore it is a good idea to start with smaller stakes, and as you begin to win and start to move with the flow bid a higher amount. If you are losing from the very beginning then it is a good idea to change your strategy immediately or you can also walk out, the choice is totally up to you, but never ever increases the stakes in order to win your lost amount back, as in this way you will lose more and much more quickly.

Bring the odds close to even

One of the best Craps strategies is that you need to form such a strategy that would help you to bring the odds closer to even.